Carriage Lane Rowland Co. HQ
Younger Brothers
Desert Springs Community of Grace
Pentecost Int'l
Worship Center
Demers Glass Dupper Landscape
3322 E. Broadway
St. James Church Church of the Master
NCS Cafetorium
Grease Monkey Ray Road
Liberty Market
Ray Road
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Project Description

Located and designed to maximize leasable footprint, the building uses a saw-toothed east side to make tenant fronts more visible from the road and orient most of the glass storefront northeast. Metal-roofed canopies shade storefront windows, reducing solar gains and accenting the saw-tooth plan. Its flexible plan allows multiple tenant combinations.

The building is built with stucco finished masonry bearing walls and has durable built-up roofing on panelized wood roof over steel joists. Dual pane low-e glazing, cast stone veneer and standing seam metal canopies complete the material palette.

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