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For our clients, we want to provide not only the best project they can get for their money, but a positive experience developing that project. If the process of developing a project is adversarial or ethically challenged, and our client has a bad experience because of something we did or said, we at Prosser Architects cannot count the project as a success.
A Secure Footing For us, the process is as important as the result. That’s why Prosser Architect’s has a published list of values to keep us accountable. They are the footings upon which we have built our company and its reputation. They are:
Serve the Client’s Needs First Our future is built on our willingness to serve the client first.
If client needs are served, then the project is a success. Our attitude is that we can and will do what you ask of us as professionals. close
Involved Principals Continuous involvement by a principal on all projects is important to us.
Project development may stretch for months, and in some cases years, so long term relationships with our clients are necessary. Once assigned, our staff will remain with the project through its conclusion unless there are extenuating circumstances. We know continuity of the development team is paramount to a project’s success. close
Communication - Honest Process Sharing information on project issues and a cooperative decision making structure is a key to success.
We want you informed and involved. Arming you with the right information at the right time allows you to make sound decisions for your project, no matter how complex the issue. You can count on us to give you the important information and share our professional experience to help you make the critical decisions. close
Creative Solutions to Complex Situations Getting to the heart of every issue is important to us.
Problem solving based on thorough analysis of a situation is our way to simplify the design process. Solutions based in rigorous analysis can be unconventional, but just as often, they fit the project budget, schedule constraints and the desired level of quality. close
Design with Appropriate Technology New technology develops every day but that does not mean it needs to be implemented on your project.
Here at Prosser Architects we stay abreast of new developments in construction technology and products and will suggest items or techniques that fit your project. Our only vested interest in new technology is to use it to solve problems and save resources. close
Stewardship of Resources In a world of limited resources - personal, local and global – we are committed to being good stewards of those.
Re-use of existing resources, recycling of items beyond their design life and reducing our demand on finite global resources are important to us. The future of our children and grandchildren is more secure when we build and design as good stewards of the environment. close
On Time - On Budget For your project we are mindful of the limited resources you have and we work hard to judiciously apply those resources.
Controlling costs on our clients’ projects is as important to us as controlling our own costs. Saving money for clients is an investment in their future and part of our investment in a long-term relationship with them. Our efficiency and experience translate directly into dollars saved. close
Quality Control and Value Engineering Targeting the use of your project resources through time and budget management is part of our service commitment.
Our design team has broad experience in many types of buildings allowing us to analyze your project and show you where to focus resources so they can make the most impact for any given situation. Using value-engineering principles we help you to fine tune your resource use without affecting overall project quality. close
Creative Options from Codes and Regulations Prosser Architects will guide you through the maze of rules and regulations without wasting resources.
Many projects get bogged down in the morass of code compliance. Some architects bemoan the ever-widening web of regulations controlling development. At Prosser Architects we take it as a challenge to create new ways to comply. With our experience with building codes, regulations and authorities, we can find alternative solutions for sticky situations. Although there are many codes and regulations, opportunities exist for meeting their requirements creatively. close
Reliable Instruments of Service Today’s technological advances provide and require accuracy in design documents.
Prosser Architects takes advantage of the speed and accuracy of computer technology to coordinate, produce and transmit documents saving you time, money and natural resources. Our experienced eyes augment the digital accuracy of design documents by reviewing and coordinating design documents produced by the project team. That experience insures an integrated design. During construction, good document integration reduces requests for information, costly construction delays and change orders. close
Flexible Service Agreements The range of services offered by Prosser Architects is designed to fit a wide range client needs and budgets.
We tailor our service agreements to a client’s situation so you don’t pay for services you don’t need. We can provide one-stop service or service that fits with your existing arrangements with other professionals. close